Cayman Weightlifting Athlete's Clinic
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Cayman Weightlifting Athlete's Clinic

This is an Olympic Weightlifting seminar with Olympian and 2 time Olympic Head Coach, Michael Cohen.

Michael has produced medalists at all levels of competition, from National, International, Pan American and Olympic. He has also produced 43 National champions, 82 Jr. National Champions, 32 Jr. World team members, 9 Senior World Team Members (including gold medalists), 4 Youth World team members (winning silver and bronze this year), 2 Pan American gold medalists, and 4 Olympians.

Designed for all levels of coach and/or athlete, from beginner to advanced!

This a one day class beginning at 9am on Saturday and lasting through 4pm. Instruction includes elements of technique in the Olympic lifts and assistance exercises, technical adjustments, basic programming, diet and nutrition, and more.

Price is $125.00 USD // $105 KYD

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