Elina Zavala

Name: Elina Zavala

Age: 33

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

How long have you been CrossFitting?

About 8 years

What is your favorite WOD/Exercise?

I love “Grace” – 30 clean and jerks for time!

In a crazy way, I also love doing “Murph” – run 1 mile, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 air squats, run 1 mile.

What is your least favorite WOD/Exercise?

Anything with lots of sit ups (they make me dizzy) and step ups.

What is your previous workout/athletic background?

Cross country running, cheerleading (yes it IS a sport) and ballet.

What was your first experience at CrossFit Cayman like?

I was visiting Cayman in 2010, and had never done a real WOD. Nathan and I came to Crossfit Cayman…the work out had snatches and box jumps in it. Tarasa had me snatch with a PVC pipe, and do step-ups on the lowest box. I was SO sore afterwards! I couldn’t believe it. It was a wake up call! Afterwards I joined a CrossFit gym in New York, and have been CrossFitting ever since.

What results have you seen since CrossFitting?

Crossfit has completely changed my view of fitness, intensity, and strength. It’s also changed how I eat. Overall I have more energy, sleep better, and feel great when I’m consistent in Crossfit, and eating well. I believe Crossfit will always remain a part of my lifestyle, and I love that I can travel nearly anywhere and find a Crossfit gym that will welcome me with open arms – just like Crossfit Cayman

What do you do to get yourself through a tough workout (mental thoughts, tips and tricks, etc.)?

I think about how amazing I’m going to feel afterwards! I don’t try to distract myself when it gets uncomfortable. I let myself feel the pain during a tough workout. Most of us go through life trying to avoid pain, or numb what we are truly feeling. With CrossFit, you can’t do that. You have to go into the pain cave! However, with CrossFit you are never alone. Everyone is doing the workout with you, and you are all in it together! When you finish the workout you truly feel like you’ve accomplished something, and everyone else in the gym can relate. There’s nothing else like it.

What’s your favorite aspect about working out at CrossFit Cayman?

The community for sure. I love that we have members from all over the world, and CrossFit is the main thing that brings us together. I’ve made so many great friends through our gym and I’m  truly grateful for that.

What advice do you have for someone thinking about joining CrossFit Cayman?

Just do it! CrossFit isn’t easy, but the best things in life are never easy. You have to put in the hard work, and it will change you, and you will come out a fitter, happier, and more fulfilled person! It’s so worth it. For women: No, you are not going to get “bulky” or develop huge muscles. Lift the weight! It’s so good for you, and you will feel amazing by doing something that really works. My favorite quote from one of our CrossFit Cayman tee shirts is “Strong is the new Skinny!” It’s true.

Matthew Barnett