Nami Abraham

Name: Nami Abraham

Age: 29

Hometown: George Town

How long have you been CrossFitting? On and off for approximately a year. Regular only since 2.5 months

What is your favorite WOD/Exercise? I like Chippers like "Annie"

What is your least favorite WOD/Exercise? Oh boy..... Not a big fan of running !

What is your previous workout/athletic background? I am a classical dancer and has been training since i was 4. But never had to hit a gym till i stopped dancing which was 5 years ago. But crossfit is probably my first proper workout experience.

What was your first experience at CrossFit Cayman like? The first week was like attending a Calculus class with just basics of addition and subtraction. But the culture and the coaches made me wanna come back and i have been hooked ever since. 

What results have you seen since CrossFitting? Weight Loss, Reduction in Fat %, More energetic, wanting to eat healthier... to list just a few. Taking private lessons has made it a lot easier in making healthy lifestyle choices. Amanda has been a great support system. 

What do you do to get yourself through a tough workout (mental thoughts, tips and tricks, etc.)? Even during a group class, the coaches spend time to provide you with individual attention and cheers you on. Just watching people better than me helps me wanna push myself while struggling through certain WODs. Having friends to workout with is also an added help. My playlist works too :) 

What's your favorite aspect about working out at CrossFit Cayman? The people and the push to keep going and get better. It is quite addictive... in a great way.

What advice do you have for someone thinking about joining CrossFit Cayman? It is the right bunch of people who genuinely cares about your health and progress just as much as you. That's quite hard to find...

Matthew Barnett